Karagwe District is one of the eight Districts of Kagera Region and covers an area of 4,630 Km2 with 158 km2 covered by water bodies.  The District borders are the Kyerwa District and the Republic of Uganda in the North, the Republic of Rwanda in the West.  In the South it borders the District of Ngara and Biharamulo, hence Muleba ,Missenyi and Bukoba district in the East  Readmore>>>   

The average household income is estimated to be shs.450,000 (2010) income per capita. This includes the value of cash and kind production and transfer payments. Other economic activities include fishing, carried out in rivers and lakes. Industrialization is very minimal; some industrial activities carried out is mostly related to coffee curing. Readmore>>>

Karagwe District is blessed with various tourist attractions. We have four game reserves which are Rumanyika Orugundu,Kimisi and Burigi.These game reserves contain animals like Deers, Crocodile, Lions, Elephants,twiga,kuro,pofu, and various birds.Also these game reserves are being gifted with rivers,and valley. Apart of being tourist attractions,these game reserves is useful for tourism hunting.  Read more>>>
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Fishery activities in Karagwe district
Karagwe District council has got the following key areas in its strategic Plan.

Improve services and reduce   HIV/AIDS infections.

Improve the standard of living of   the people in particular of eliminating poverty.

Involving the people in deciding on   and implementing their own  development activities.

Addressng gender imbalances in the society.

Conservation of the environment
Effective use of the financial and other resources of the council.

Effective working environment taking into account ethical leadership, transparency, and accountability of the people.